Every industrial wastewater is different. The variety of applications requires a customized wastewater treatment system. Thus we don't have the VACUDEST wastewater treatment system "off the shelf".

To ensure that a customized solution is affordable for our customers we developed the VACUDEST Modular-System. Over 3.5 million options enable configuration of the perfect industrial effluent treatment system for your specific requirements. Fast, flexibly and with top quality. Our VACUDEST modular system is unique on the market, and offers you a crucial advantage: an industrial effluent treatment system tailored perfectly to you and your needs.

Over 1,300 satisfied customers from all areas of industry are the reward for our over 30 years’ experience in the ever changing, high standards of our users. For example, we successfully apply this expert knowledge to the automotive industry, aerospace industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, the household device and electrical industry, and specialised disposal firms from the recycling industry. Wastewater such as used coolant emulsions or rinse water from parts cleaning or electroplating can be treated cost-effectively, efficiently, and reliably in one process step using our technology.

What sort of wastewater do you want to treat? Read here about the special benefits you can enjoy at your production plant.

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